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par Robert Mille
Explication pour l'instant en anglais :
Vertical blue triangle with two gold stripes separating a red and a green triangle on each side. Four white five-pointed stars in the middle of the flag. The blue represents the sea and the blue sky, the gold stripes symbolizes the two main rivers - Romi and Takul and the wealth that the two waterways bring to the country. The green and red triangles on both sides symbolizes the fertile triangle between Firank, Eital and Kastel's regions, being the red a symbol of catle and the green the pastures.The four stars represents the four powers - justice, information, education and wealth. It also represents the four ethnic groups in Latinia - Kalikans, Firankans, Kastelans and Eitalans. The bigger star was introduced in 934 to represent the Eitalans and the Itruskans, a branch of the Eitalans, banned from Eital and settled in tribord Firank.

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